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Nestled in the middle of the known area, the Dark Castle is the largest structure above ground in the Dark. The castle reaches up into the tallest parts of the roofed forest, though it still does not reach above the treetops. 

The Dark King houses ninety-six percent of his Dark Soldiers within the walls of the Dark Castle. However, some of the soldiers prefer to live at home with the families for whom they provide. 

The castle is covered in the native vegetation, the Tenebrous Thorns; a particularly nasty and carnivorous vine with thorns growing up to three inches. The castle and the Dark King’s territory are consistently guarded by the Dark Soldiers.


Trespassing is not tolerated. All trespassers will face serious consequences. You have been warned. 



Hidden in the wall of the lower Western Cliffs, the Ebony Pub has seen its fair share of fights and strange visitors. 

Though it is camouflaged by a magic entrance, the inside of the cozy pub resembles many of the pubs in Phildeterre. This is because the original owner and founder, Derwynn Farwhay, migrated to the Dark at the beginning of the Split of Phildeterre. He wanted Ebony Pub to feel like a home away from home for many of the other refugees escaping King Valryn’s persecution. 

It is open all hours of the day, and is a safe haven for many traveling around the Dark. 



The only widely known connection between Phildeterre and the Dark, this portal has stood the test of time. It is heavily controlled on both sides; by the Dark Soldiers on the Dark end and the royal guard on the Phildeterre side. 

The portal, like all portals, is made of a combinations of all three types of magic, which is an incredible feat considering the harsh opposition light and dark magic have to each other. 

In order to pass through from one side to the other, you must have your identification papers in order. All traffic is monitored and any illegal attempt to pass through will be met with severe punishment. 



Marking the farthest western point of exploration, the Western Cliffs have created a natural boundary to stay within in order to remain in the safest (though still dangerous) parts of the Dark.


There has yet to be any individual who has been to the top of the cliffs and returned, and therefore the actual height is not known, nor is the length. They run from the uncharted areas in the north down to the uncharted areas in the south. 

The Western Cliffs house many establishments within their walls, the most famous of which is the Ebony Pub. 



Due to the difficult terrain and dangerous predators, the Dark has yet to be fully mapped. In fact, experts estimate that the known areas in the Dark only make up a small fraction of the actual world. 

While there’s no telling what the uncharted areas may hold, if the poisonous fungi and the bloodthirsty arachnids in the explored areas are any indication, then the unknown parts of the Dark may be just as deadly. It is widely advised to remain within the explored sections of the Dark for your safety and the safety of others.