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你好! Or should I say, HELLO! You may be wondering why I started out this bio with mandarin (yes, that is mandarin for those of you wondering). Well, it just so happens that I lived in China from 2018-2020, and recently returned back to the United States in April of 2020. What was I doing over there? Teaching English. In 2017, I graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with a Bachelors of Arts degree in English Literature and a creative writing minor. 

However, when the world went nuts at the beginning of 2020, the pandemic led to the closing of my school. It was then I decided it was time to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a published author. I have been writing for almost all of my life (some of my first memories are of creating stories). 


With the inspiration of many incredible authors on Youtube, I have grown as a writer, editor, and now publisher. When I moved back to Colorado with my Siamese cat, Syra, I started down the exciting road of publishing. In fact, I published my debut novel, CURSE OF INFINITI, at the end of 2020 in November, and the sequel, DEFYING INFINITI, came out in March of 2021! The third and final book in the trilogy, INFINIT, was released July 2021. The two-book prequel series is also available now under the titles THE HEIR'S DESCENT and THE HEIR'S BETRAYAL. Sign up for my newsletter for all the latest news!

When I'm not writing, rewriting, or working on something bookish, I enjoy photography, watching copious amounts of Youtube videos, or of course reading.  


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