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The Black Forest takes up the western side of Phildeterre, and swings across the middle of Phildeterre to the east. The Black Forest Peninsula is situated in the west, and houses the last known portal to the Dark. 


The Black Forest is home to many magical beings and people since the Split of Phildeterre forced them into hiding. The low visibility and tree coverage in the Black Forest provides ample hiding places for those seeking refuge. 


Years before the Split, a portion in the west caught fire, which caused the many of the trees to burn down. Since that time, strong wards have been placed on the trees to prevent further fires. 



In one of the many valleys in the rolling hills of the Glass Fields lays the town of Bolee. It is categorized in the top five largest above villages or towns within the Glass Fields. As many know, it is uncommon to see many above ground structures due to the temperamental and often dangerous weather. 


At the center of the town stands a lightning pole over thirty stories tall. This safety feature not only provides protection from seasonal and deadly lightning storms, experts are currently seeking ways to harness the lightning to use as a source of energy. 


The buildings are considered quite interesting in that they are made from sandstone, sharing that feature with those up north in the Albanistic Desert. Bolee is also known for the beautiful stained glass used in its architecture. 



Hidden behind powerful warding magic, this small village bustles with those who escaped the Split of Phildeterre’s persecution, yet remained in Phildeterre instead of traveling to the Dark. 


It houses one of the only healing shops in the area run by a young siren named Calder and his sister Dayla. Both are survivors of the infamous attack on the Cyro Coves, and Calder offers his knowledge and healing expertise to the members of the village and any travelers who are in need. 


The village rests near a watering hole that used to be more popular before and during the Split of Phildeterre. 



Cyanthia is the capital city of Phildeterre, and home of the ruling family, the Maudits. It is found in the center of Phildeterre near the most travelled section of the Cylan River. 


Cyanthia is a hub for trade and merchants, and it is located between the Black Forest, the Level Plains, and the Glass Fields. It is because of its central position that King Valryn suggested it become the home of the single ruling family when the old five kingdoms united underneath him. 


Due to its location, Cyanthia is one of the only cities in Phildeterre to experience all four seasons. 



At the center of the thriving capital city sits the Cyanthian Castle. This fortress is guarded night and day by the highly trained royal guards, and is nearly impossible to gain access to without an invitation or granted permission. 


Although the Cyanthian Castle is situated at the center of the Black Forest near the Cylan River, the area has been cleared of trees for the lower town and to ease the troubles of traveling through the forest. 


It is rumored that the castle houses many secret rooms and passageways known only to the royal family and a few trusted council members. A royal crypt lies beneath the castle itself, housing members of the royal family who have died. 



The Cylan River is a peculiar act of nature in that it does not run into the Cyro Sea, but instead runs out of the sea and down south to water the fields of the Level Plains. Experts hypothesize that this is because the Cyro Sea is at a much higher elevation than the Level Plains. However, it is still an unusual and rare thing to see in nature. 


Because it flows from the frozen Cyro Sea, the water of the river, especially up north, is frigid. It can cause hypothermia with extended exposure.


The clarity and cyan hue of the water comes from the ice it melts off from. This river is the source of water for many villages and towns. It is also a common method of transportation for some smaller merchant boats, especially up north where the flow is stronger and the river is deeper. 



The Cyro Coves are a series of above and under water caves, most made entirely of ice. While there are a few entrances from the surface, they are well hidden and kept secret. Most of the entrances lay beneath the freezing waters, accessible only by diving. 


These ice caves are home to most of the siren population in Phildeterre. However, during the Split of Phildeterre, there were several attacks on the coves.


The coves closer to the Albanistic Desert are known to be warmer, and the structure of the ice weakened to the point where magic was used to prevent the coves from collapsing.



The Cyro Sea is a partially frozen mass of water north of Phildeterre. It is known mainly as the source of the Cylan River, which flows through the middle of the country. 


Most merchants avoid the parts further inland of the Cyro Sea due to the danger of misleading icebergs, which form in the shallower water, and instead sail north of it where the water is warmer. 


Though there are many areas with thick sheets of ice, walking on the Cyro Sea is not recommended, and many lives have been lost from thinner ice breaking under foot. 



Covered in hills of natural formed glass, the Glass Fields are a sight to be seen. The glass is created because of the violent seasonal lightning storms. 


Due to the danger of the storms, many residents live in burrows or homes beneath the ground. However, there are a few villages that make use of metal lightning towers to protect their above ground buildings. Bolee is one such town. 


In some incredible cases, the glass encases the natural life, creating grass, trees, bushes, and even flowers made of glass. Experts believe the variance in hues the glass fragments have are directly related to the minerals in the ground, which reflect specific colors after they are crystalized during a lightning storm. 



The Level Plains are known in Phildeterre as the source of food for most villages and cities. The fields in the Plains produce 90% of the grains, and it houses 87% of the livestock in the country. 


Most of the people who live in the Level Plains come from farming families, although many of the young people leave the Plains when they reach their adult years in search of better jobs in northern cities. 


The Level Plains are humid most of the year, and rarely drop below freezing, even during the winters. 



In the northern part of the Black Forest is another safe haven hidden from intruders not only by magic warding, but also by vigilant lookouts. 


This is one of the strictest safe havens in the Black Forest because many sirens who fled the persecution in the Cyro Coves are in responsible for the safety and protection of the village. 


There are many buildings, but one of the lesser known is a bookstore run by a woman named Linetta. It holds tens of thousands of books, and is a valuable resource for many within the village. 



One of the larger villages in the Level Plains, Pingbi is responsible for eighty-five percent of crop trading within Cyanthia due to its northern position in the plains. 


A farming village, many of the residents spend the daylight hours planting, irrigating, and harvesting. However, many young adults have begun to migrate north to Cyanthia when they come of age in search of better and more interesting jobs. 


Though the buildings are made of wood from the Black Forest, the roofs of most buildings are typically bleached or stained a lighter color to reflect the sunlight. 



Concealed behind a waterfall enchanted with powerful magic, this forsaken pub used to be a safe meeting place for rebels in the Split of Phildeterre. 


After a betrayal by a member with dark magic, the Pub was warded to only allow those with light magic to enter its safe cave. Though it has been long abandoned, the magic enchantments remain in tact.


The Pub is accessible when a person with light magic steps off the cliff onto a hovering platform that extends when the individual steps forward. To prevent others from following, the platform consistently stays the same length, disappearing behind the person entering the Pub. Unless you are certain of your light magic lineage, it is wise to avoid the edge of the cliff where the platform emerges. 



This rickety shack is in the eastern area of the Black Forest near the southeast section of Cyanthia. Positioned in the middle of a clearing, it has access to sunlight; a rare occurrence since it surrounded by dense woods.


A small crop field is planted out back, and though it does not have a well nearby, it is near the Cylan River. 


It is a simple two bedroom house with a small bathing room and a kitchen. The house is made out of the same wood as the trees that encircle it. 



This beautiful pool of water is used frequently by a neighboring village within the Black Forest. 


A waterfall thunders down from cliffs that reach above the roof of the Black Forest. The waterfall hides a secret available only to those with light magic. 


The pool at the bottom of the waterfall is heated by stones with runes carved into them. These stones also light up the oasis at night. From the pool, the water runs off into a stream that joins up with the Cylan River.