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I know how difficult it can be to find the motivation to write every day. But with this spreadsheet, you can track how the process is going each day by simply plugging in how many words you've written. 

When you open the Google Sheet, MAKE A COPY and plug in the date you're starting in the A2 cell. It is automatically set to a certain amount of words written on weekdays (2k) and weekends (750). If you'd like to alter this to fit your writing needs, just adjust the function in the B2 cell and copy it down the rest of the B column. 

I also enjoy using my spreadsheet alongside Pacemaker to see the word count in a graph form. It works similarly to the Nanowrimo website, but I enjoy using it year long. They have a free version that allows two projects at the same time. For more, you'll need to upgrade your account. 

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